One of the most serious problems that a motorist can face is engine problems. Now such a service as «capital Skoda repair » due to engine failure costs in the first place among all breakdowns. However, it should be noted that with proper operation of the car, the repair of the power unit is carried out as planned, after reaching a certain mileage.

Stages of work

The prerequisites to send the engine «for treatment» sometimes appear in the course of everyday driving, and in some cases become obvious only as a result of diagnostics visit vehicles guides in UK. After the decision on repair is made, the following manipulations are performed:

  • the motor is removed, disassembled, all parts are thoroughly washed;
  • the condition of internal components (crankshaft, cylinders) is checked;
  • cylinder block boring is done;
  • valves are replaced if necessary;
  • welding and subsequent grinding of parts is performed (if cracks and chips are detected);
  • oil seals are checked and replaced with new ones.

The final stage of the repair is the assembly of the engine. For added convenience, it is produced on a special revolving stand. In the process, the master looks at the correct installation of the pistons, the size of the clearances, the tension of the belts.

Also, capital car repairs in Moscow includes mandatory engine running-in (this is included in the price), which is usually carried out at idle speed. Subsequently, repeated diagnostics are carried out on special devices and the final adjustment of all driving units.

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